Monteverde Homestay as an alternative to Monteverde hotels in Costa Rica, accomodations we offer are Bed & Breakfasts, Homestays and Cabins.

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Costa Rica is a beautiful country and Monteverde is one of its most special locations. 

Our lodging options:  Bed & Breakfast , Homestays or Cabins can provide a taste of the cultural flavor up here in the beautiful countryside. 

Another option is a new rustic house with incredible view available for nightly rental.  Click here for photos and information about  Casa Maravilla

We also offer Hotel Poco a Poco, a beautiful comfortable hotel at a very convenient location.



To see details about an excellent guided tour of an organic shade grown coffee farm click on this link Coffee Tour

See this link for photos and details about our guided wildlife hike on outstanding trails in the Hidden Valley of Monteverde

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You can click here to see more about the exciting Night Tour at the Hidden Valley in Monteverde.


We also offer Transportation throughout most of Costa Rica including a comfortable scenic Taxi - Boat - Taxi service across Lake Arenal between Monteverde and the Arenal Volcano


You can also fly through the forest with the adventure filled Zip Line Tour with a breathtaking Tarzan Swing.

Local Horseback Ride:

Take a scenic sunset ride aboard some of the best horses in Monteverde through  local farms and forests where you can see toucans, panoramic views of the Gulf of Nicoya at sunset and sometimes 
whiteface monkeys.


No experience required.  It is a lot of fun to enjoy the view on the back of a great horse.
-Price per person of $20 US tax included.


For additional information or reservations contact us directly by email at the following address:


What makes Monteverde, Costa Rica such a special place?

   Costa Rica is a country blessed with a healthy society. The country has not had a 
standing army since 1948, and abolished the death penalty more than a hundred years ago. 
Former Costa Rican president Oscar Arias was awarded the Nobel peace prize for his peace concepts 
on Central America and particularly Nicaragua's Contras.

  The 'Ticos' are proud to have more teachers than law enforcers; the literacy rate is 
among the highest in the world. Health care is socialized and guaranteed to everyone. 
A typical diet including fresh fruits and vegetables certainly contributes to their 
life expectancy of 77 years. 

   One of the most precious jewels of Costa Rica is Monteverde.  Monteverde is home to some of the world's not so common Cloud Forest. At more than 5000 feet, straddling the continental divide, moisture is received from both the Pacific and Caribbean. The temperature up here is cooler than most other parts of the country. Daytime average temperatures are 67 degrees Fahrenheit dropping to 60 at night. There is no need for air conditioners or fans. The climate is very agreeable for hiking in a tropical forest.

   The Monteverde cloud forest reserve, also known as the Monteverde Preserve, was one of the first models of habitat protection in Costa Rica. The Quakers of the area, who came in the 50's, recognized the value of a forested watershed and took steps to ensure that it would remain. Monteverde is one of the most biologically diverse places in the world! With many biologists having visited to conduct studies on plants, birds and animals, word soon spread amongst travelers and the idea of eco-tourism was nurtured.

    Although Monteverde has gained worldwide attention, the essence of its rustic charm prevails. This is the kind of place for people who put great value in forests, wildlife, the bluest skies, clean water and unforgettable sunsets.  The most valuable asset of Monteverde is the community where helping each other is considered a pleasure. For most of the locals life is simple but not easy. Somehow through their network of cooperation everything seems possible.


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